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SEALINGS and EXPUNGEMENTS has specialized in Sealing or Expunging Florida criminal histories and Erasing and Removing those from background check companies’ and Internet Data providers searches throughout the State for over 12 years.

With all that experience not only can we seal or expunge records much less expensively and with more flexibility than others, but we have developed certain options and solutions that others, including criminal lawyers, either don’t know are available or have not been able to provide their clients, including the crucial capability to ERASE AND REMOVE those records from all the major background search providers and Internet Data Portals.

We can also sometimes help those with past convictions and commenced the process for those still on probation.

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With everyone’s criminal background information readily available on the Internet search engines and background check company searches, it is becoming more crucial and advantageous to have your criminal record sealed and/or your arrest record expunged. We will explain the difference later in this site.

We may be able to help seal or expunge your criminal records from Government records and Clerk sites, AND, most importantly, we have the special, unique capacity to ERASE and REMOVE your record from background searches and the internet data providers, including from “mug shot” type & arrest data sites.

That capability is actually more crucial to helping you find work and better housing because when your records are searched they are searched with the help of private background search providers and internet data portals.

So, despite what you thought your criminal history is NOT searched on Clerks’ Sites or through Government Records, but through the help of private background search companies and Internet Data Sites that have collected your criminal history and arrest photos from the moment of your arrest and case filing. They are shared amongst affiliate background check providers, which share the information, for a small fee, with potential employers, landlords, condo associations, trade schools and internet sites. They can provide your entire criminal history in all of North America in five minutes for less than $30, usually. There are over 40 of them providing these services in Florida and Nationwide. Therefore….

Nobody bothers to search the more than 3500 clerks’ sites to see if you have a criminal record! So…

Sealing or expunging a Florida record from Clerks and Government records, without also Erasing and Removing those records from these background checks, is waste of time and money! And…

Sealing or Expunging a record is only worthwhile if you thereafter Erase and Remove Background searches, Internet data sites and those humiliating ‘mugshot’-type sites.


Because criminal data that these background check providers have collected from the moment of your arrest makes these background check companies and their affiliates money, they have no motivation to review the clerks’ sites to see if a record has been sealed or expunged, AND the Clerks do not know which companies have your record nor how to notify them that it is no longer being publicly available. But…

Sealings and Expungements.com is not only able to Seal or Expunge an eligible record less expensively and more conveniently than most other providers, especially lawfirms, we have a special capability to then remove those records from ALL the major background criminal history companies and the Internet Data providers in Florida and nationwide.

For the sake of your employment and housing options, and for future business and social opportunities, you must keep your history private and away from the prying eyes of potential employers, landlords, businesses and nosy individuals. Even a stupid minimal dismissed charge from 30 years ago can keep your from that better job you desire or from a residence you need for your family. Not only does it not make sense, it is very unfair to you, your spouse and your children, who end up getting punished as it they too committed the crime!

Let us help you put this sad chapter behind you!

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